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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is catering?
Catering is providing food service onsite at your desired location. This is frequently at an event venue, a church or a house. I offer full service buffet catering, drop service catering and also provide pick up service for small parties (meaning you pick up here at the kitchen)

2. Where do you cater?
I can cater almost anywhere within 45 minutes of my location for full service or 1
 hour for a drop service. Full service catering requires a solid roofed shelter from the weather, bathrooms, and running water. Although I am happy to deliver food to the location of your choice, I no longer offer FULL SERVICE catering to outdoor areas such as parks, riverbanks, campgrounds or even your backyard if there is no solid roofed shelter (not a fold up camping awning or tent) to protect the food and my equipment. Additionally, I will travel down graded country dirt roads or private drives but I will not travel on rough, hilly dirt back roads or private drives - but I am happy to meet you at the end of the pavement.

3. Is delivery included in the price?
It depends! For events with 25 or more guests, the first 25 miles are included. Distances over 25 miles are $3 per loaded mile on the way there (that's after the first 25 miles). If delivery is required for smaller parties I charge $3 per loaded mile for the entire trip there.

4. How many people can you cater for?
Depending on the menu, I can cater to events up to 250 guests. If the deliveries are staggered, such as a corporate event with multiple deliveries for different work shifts, then that final number can be raised slightly.

5. What is the smallest party you will do?
That really depends on my current scheduling and what menu is ordered. Typically I do not cook meals for less than 25 guests at a time but each client is different and I am willing to look at all menu requests. 

NOTE: I have a minimum guest count of 100 for FULL SERVICE WEDDINGS/WEDDING PACKAGES. For smaller weddings I am happy to offer pick-up or drop off service for you to set up yourself.  

6. What kind of food do you cater?
I offer a wide assortment of options! My menu includes appetizers, salads, entrees, sides and desserts. I offer wedding packages for your special day.
My full catering menus can be seen at:
My wedding packages can be seen at:
I'm not limited to these menus. Let me know if there's something you want that is not on my menu.

7. How much does catering cost?
Catering cost is completely dependent on your menu, your guest count, the type of service and your location. Remember that you are getting a custom menu designed just for you, the food is high quality and it is being brought to you. The menus on my website have pricing to give you a general idea of what your final bill might be. I will frequently offer package deals when putting a menu together that include delivery, tableware and drinks.

8. Do you charge tax?
Yes I charge sales tax

9. When should I schedule catering?
If you are looking to schedule a weekend or holiday event I highly recommend booking as far in advance as possible. I typically book 6 months to a year out. Corporate or family events that occur during the week can be scheduled with a little less notice, but a few months is recommended but it never hurts to ask about last minute bookings.

10. How do I get a quote?
Give me a call, send me a text, private message or email with your requirements and I will respond promptly. For weddings I like to meet with you for a no pressure, no cost consultation to give you your quote.

11. Do you require deposits?
I only require deposits for weddings: a $100 non-refundable deposit.

12. Can I borrow your equipment for my own event that I want to cater myself?
No I never loan my equipment out.

13. Do you offer table service?
I do not employ a wait staff and do not offer table service. I do offer buffet service: I am happy to set up a self-service buffet line for your guests to serve themselves then package up your leftovers for you after the meal service. If you require servers on your buffet line then you will have to supply your own servers which I am happy to work with and help direct them.

14. What if I want something that's not on your menu?
No problem, I frequently create custom menus. If you have a family recipe I am happy to look it over and prepare it for you within reason.

15. Do you sell or give away your leftovers?
No, the leftovers belong to whoever ordered the catering job. If you have left overs from your catering job, I always package them up, label them and put them in an onsite refrigerator. Note: According to state health codes and at my discretion I reserve the right to discard any items when there is a reasonable risk for foodborne illness to occur due to holding times.

16. Do you offer drinks and alcoholic beverages?
I do not hold a liquor license and therefore cannot serve any form of alcohol in any way. I do offer punch, tea or lemonade in decorative dispensers with ice and cups for large parties. I am also happy to set up a coffee station. For small parties I offer bottled water or jugs of tea and/or lemonade.

17. Do you offer tastings?
I no longer offer tastings. However, I am happy to provide referrals to past clients who have ordered the same or a similar menu that you are interested in. 

18. If I book, when do I have to turn in my final menu and guest count?
Final menus and guest counts must be turned in two to three weeks in advance of your catering date. With current supply chain issues, I may ask for 3+ weeks notice on your guest count depending on the menu.

19. I have questions that are not addressed here, where can I find the answers?
Give me a call, send me a text, private message or email and I will gladly respond promptly and try my best to answer all of your questions!!!

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